I sincerely believe opportunity is surrounding you.  I believe many of the opportunities are worthwhile, and some may be exciting for you to explore and discover.  You will not know the impact, unless and until you try.  
Do you notice opportunity?  How many opportunities do you see around you?  How many will you pursue, to become a better you?
While in the classroom, please remember that it is important to do your best at the tasks expected, in order to achieve the best outcome.  When finished with your work, you are welcome and encouraged to "Pay It Forward", to assist three (or more)  other students in meeting and exceeding the expectations for an assignment.  Another choice is to explore future units/ chapters of study, in an effort to raise your awareness, in order for more effective learning, and greater understanding.
Should you ever find concern in what else you can do, opportunities available to you, please consider the following list as options... as opportunity.
Knock, knock...

Project Lead The Way and the Engineering Club offer a very small set of opportunities for those curious or interested in engineering.

For more engineering opportunities, see Mr. Sontz, room 133.


Self Enroll Now, by clicking on the links below!  The Cisco Networking Academy has a menu of courses related to hardware, software, and networking.  These include (but are not limited to) programming, certification preparation, Internet of Things (IoT), simulation software, and much more.

Please see Mr. Sontz with questions, comments, and/or concerns about this course or other courses available at  How many courses are you going to enroll in? 


Recognize it around you.  Take advantage of it to the fullest.